Autoclave forming
  • The most important forming method of composite aerospace structural parts, this hot-press furnace has three functions heating, pressurizing, and vacuuming at the same time.
  • The main manufacturing steps are:Lamination of prepreg > degassing > bag sealing and vacuuming > furnace formation > cooling and demoulding
Resin transfer molding (RTM)

Use vacuum suction and pressure to push the mixed resin (A/B) into the preformed carbon (glass) fiber cloth (preform) and vacuum-sealed mold cavity (mold), and use the temperature to harden the resin A composite material forming method is used to obtain the required composite material parts after completion.

Pressure-blown bag forming (blowing molding)

Lay the required prepreg on the mandrel (metal or non-metal) according to the design stacking sequence > After the stacking is completed, pull out the mandrel > Put the pre-stacked material into the closed mold In the cavity>Isolate the pressurized gas and material by sealing the bag>Put the mold on the heating table and heat it according to the specification requirements>Gas pressurized heating forming>Cooling and demoulding to obtain the required composite parts.