Carbon-based Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of precision composite materials and unmanned aerial vehicle bodies and systems. It is a pioneer in Taiwan's unmanned vehicle industry. In addition, the high-end aviation parts manufacturing technology is used to develop the manufacturing and assembly of military large-scale UAV composite material body in an all-round way, and fully contribute to the national defense industry. Based on the current development of the domestic market, Carbon-based plans to cooperate with the government's six core strategic industries and the direction of national defense independence. It will invest in and set up a factory in China as a production base for aerospace composite materials for unmanned aerial vehicles, and actively develop military and civilian industries. In addition to the original military unmanned aerial vehicles, the aerospace market also develops aircraft composite components and electromagnetic pulse protection compartment technology, while the civilian industry applies composite technology to the transportation and energy industries.

In the international market, net-zero carbon emissions have become a topic of global concern. Governments of various countries have set the schedule for the electrification of buses, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Singapore. Or a large number of new electric buses will be introduced in recent years. In addition to the military industry, Carbon-based is actively developing military and civilian general-purpose markets. It is currently developing green energy technology-related products in the "Five + Second Industry Innovation Plan" proposed by the government, including the development and manufacture of composite material components for electric buses to reduce the weight of the vehicle body. The total weight and the reduced weight are supplemented by batteries, which can greatly increase the mileage of the electric bus. In the future, carbon-based companies will cooperate with domestic electric bus operators to actively seize business opportunities in the international market.

The company has an excellent management team with special patented technology, professional engineering team and technical personnel, coupled with advanced equipment and production technology, can meet the various needs of customers, and we have absolute confidence to become a first-class company.