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Swallow-P of Aerial Mapping
Product Name : Swallow-P
Aerial Mapping
Product Description

Swallow unmanned aerial mapping system featuring light weight, portable, and easy operation advantages. Any individual with less or even no aviation experience can easily accomplish an aerial mapping mission.

Wingspan  1.00 m (3.28 ft) 
Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) (MAX.) 
Ceiling Altitude 2,000 m 
Cruising speed  72 - 90 km/hr (40 - 50 knots) 
Weather  Beaufort scale 4  (20 - 28 km/hr) (11 - 16 knots) 
Take off  Launch Rack + Bungee cord
Landing  Parachute
Propulsion Brushless Electric Motor
Frequency  433 / 868 / 915 MHz (hopping) (Customizable)
Ground Equipment  Laptop (Optional) 
Battery 8 Ah High Effect  Li-Polymer Battery
Endurance 40~50 mins (Aerial Mapping 30 mins)
Camera Sony Alpha 5100  Camera  + 16mm Lens 24.3 Mega Pixels or equivalent
Photo Area (sqKm) 3 sqkm
Height above take off location  (AGL) 210 m
Front Overlap (60-80%) 66%
Side Overlap (15-60%) 50%
Application Aerial Mapping
Disaster Emergency
Works Supervision
Agricultural Survey
Forest Monitoring

Easy handling

The system consists of 3 main components, i.e. ground control station (GCS), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and launch system. The whole system can be setup in 10 minutes.


Light & Portable

The system is packed in a hard case and can be easily transported with a sedan.


Simple Structure

3 servos are the only mechanical part of the system, maintenance work is minimal.


Case Study

University Campus Survey
Camera : Canon S100
Average Height : 545m
Number of Images : 114
Area : 3.05 km²
Ground Sample Distance : 17.55 cm