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Real-time Surveillance
Product Name : Avian-S
Real-time Surveillance
Product Description

Avian-S unmanned aerial systems featuring the advantages of long endurance, hi-stability, turn-key operation, and payloads that are plug-and-play modular designed. Any individual with less or even no aviation experience can easily accomplish any mission.

$35000 USD

Wingspan 1.90 m (6.28 ft)
Weight 5.2 kg (11.74 lb) (MAX.)
Ceiling Altitude 4,000 m (13,000 ft) (AMSL)
Cruising speed 69 km/hr (37.3knots)
Weather Beaufort wind scale up to 6 (39 - 49 km/hr) (22 - 27 knots)
Take off Bungee cord
Landing Parachute
Propulsion Brushless Electric Motor
Frequency Uplink --- 481 MHz (hopping) / downlink --- 2.4 GHz (frequency conversion)
Ground Equipment Notebook
Battery Power High Effect Li-Polymer Battery (15AH), Avionics Battery (5AH)
Endurance 80~90 mins (Aerial mapping 60 mins)
Camera CCD camera, (Front View H.P.B. VN1105 CCD camera + Side View Mintron EO CCD 10 times CCD camera)
Photo Area (sqKm) 6 sqkm(GSD 5cm)
Height above take off location (AGL) 1000 m
Front Overlap (60-80%) 74%
Side Overlap (15-60%) 50%
Application Aerial Mapping
Disaster Emergency
Works Supervision
Agricultural Survey
Forest Monitoring

Avian is an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) featuring compact design, multi-purpose, and modularized payloads which are interchangeable on-site according to the mission requirements. We, UAVER, answers to the demands from different professions and industries, has categorized AVIAN into three configurations as below. Each configuration is not only equipped with Standard Payloads, but also offers optional advanced payloads.For more information, please refer to Avian-payload-highlight.

Avian-P Aerial Mapping proimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-camera-1.gifproimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-camera-2.gif
Avian-R Aerial Mapping proimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-camera-2.gifproimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-radiation.gif
Avian-S Real-time Surveillance proimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-camera-1.gifproimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-camera-2.gifproimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-hd.gifproimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-radiation.gifproimages/products/Avian-UAS/avian-night-vision.gif
One Person Operationable

AVIAN UAS is designed to be a man-portable UAS. It can be operated by only one trained personnel with the mission can be preset before launching. Our development team has put their best efforts into reducing and simplifying the operating procedures in which non-aviation profession usually found troubles. Our team has made the operation of the Avian UAS possible with non-professional pilot needed.


Autonomous Mission Execution

The Avian UAS is integrated with Flight Control Computer, HRS and GPS , with the capability of autonomous navigation and mission execution of high accuracy and effectiveness.From uploading mission plan to on-board computer, launch take-off, to parachute recovery, AVIAN will fly along the path according to the mission plan and accomplish the mission automatically in only 6 simple steps.

Intelligent User Interface

Operators is able to plan freely on mission program software . The mission program software is already integrated with several operation modes for corresponding missions. Software program is subjected to changes according to different configurations. Please refer to each configuration for more details.

No Runway Restriction

Before commercialization, Avian has successfully accomplished numerous missions with Taiwan Government and research projects with Universities. Many types of terrains have been covered through those missions and projects. From experiences, the catapult/bungee launch and GPS assisted parachute recovery system is highly mobilized and less restricted by terrains. 
Take-off Video Links        Landing Video Links

Modular Design

The modular designed Avian UAV can be assembled and disassembled with no tool assisting in just few minutes. We have successfully tried and timed the whole procedure from unpacking to launching in 15 minutes.


Green Power

Avian UAV adopts two high efficient and low noise brushless motors for its propulsion system. Accompanying with high discharging rate and high capacity Lithium-Polymer battery, the silent characteristic of Avian UAV with zero emission is very environmental friendly. Besides that, it is safer to the ground operators if compares with combustion engines.


Patented Composite Structure

Avian UAV is constructed with our patented technology Honey Comb Carbon Fiber Composite Material. It is characterized not only lighter in weight and stronger in strength, but also stealth under radar detection.


Airframe Design
Eagle-like Airframe Design

High aerodynamic efficiency of AVIAN fixed-wing design allows the capability of endurance to reach 90 mins. The shape and color of Avian UAV give the eagle-like camouflage, together with the low acoustic signatures of brushless motor, Avian UAV is almost untraceable.