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Weather challenges:

We are the only one civilian UAV products can work in severe weather.


Product warranty:

We offer a 12 month warranty period, and few companies can do it.

Dual camera function:

We are the only company that has a dual function of a civilian unmanned aircraft camera + video recorder, while providing real time image and snapshot capabilities.


Training and support:

We offer a complete set of training and technical support services, as most of our major parts are made by ourselves.

Frequency option:

All of our UAVs have multiple frequency options to provide customers with the option to operate. When an unmanned aircraft is operating in the sky, the frequency hopping module is equipped to automatically search for a clearer channel to avoid signal interference. This unique automatic frequency hopping function is the only in the world,it is more convenient and practical than other unmanned aerial vehicles which are required to manually adjust the channel. This is other civilian unmanned aircraft can not provide.