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Besra Hand Thrown Launch
Product Name : Besra Hand Thrown Launch
Product Description

In meeting with all kinds of different mission, BESRA can fly for more than 40+ minutes and is equipped with professional flight control system that can work with multiple payloads as options.

Its real-time transmission image allows you to see firsthand aerial view easily.

Wingspan 1.50 m
Weight 2.3 - 2.6kg
Ceiling Altitude 100~3000 m
Cruising speed 61 km/hr
Weather Beaufort wind scale up to 4 (20 - 28km/hr)
Take off Hand Thrown Launch
Landing Stall Landing
Propulsion Brushless Electric Motor
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Ground Equipment Notebook
Battery 6.25 Ah High Effect, Li-Polymer Battery
Endurance 40 mins
Camera Digital CameraSony 5100(or equivalent)
24.3 Mega pixels / 20mm / f 2
Photo Area (sqKm) 5 km2(GSD 8cm)
Height above take off location (AGL) 300 m
Front Overlap (60-80%) 60-80%
Side Overlap (15-60%) 50-80%
Application Aerial Mapping
Disaster Emergency
Works Supervision
Agricultural Survey
Forest Monitoring