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Avian-RTK<br>High Accuracy<br><!--<span>$35000 USD</span>-->
    Product Name : Avian-RTK
    High Accuracy
    Product Description

    In the old days, surveyors had to spend lots of time to complete a landscape survey, thanks tothe 

    invention of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, surveyors can simply set up UAV with RTK and

    PPK chipsets inside and complete their job in no time. 

    Wingspan 1.90 m (6.23 ft)
    Weight 5.2 Kg (11.74 lb) (MAX.)
    Ceiling Altitude 4,000 m (13,123 ft) (AMSL)
    Cruising speed 69 Km/Hr (37.3 Knots)
    Weather Beaufort wind scale 6 and under, Drizzle(Light Rain)
    Take off Launch Rack + Bungee cord
    Landing Parachute
    Propulsion Brushless Electric Motor
    Frequency 2.4G or customizable, 19200bps, Half-duplex, 10 channels(Channel hopping)
    Ground Equipment Notebook
    Battery 20 Ah High Effect Li-Polymer Battery
    Endurance 70 ~ 90 mins (Aerial Mapping 60 mins)
    Camera Sony Alpha 7R Camera + 35mm Lens, 36.4 Mega Pixels, Full-Frame or equivalent
    Photo Area(sqKm) 5 sqkm(GSD 3cm) RTK
    NO GCP, (X,Y)≦10cm,(Z) 40-60cm
    PPK, (X,Y)≒10cm, (Z) ≦15cm
    Height above take off location (AGL) 1000 m
    Front Overlap(60-80%) 60-80%
    Side Overlap(15-60%) 50-80%
    Application Aerial Mapping
    Disaster Emergency
    Works Supervision
    Agricultural Survey
    Forest Monitoring