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Product Name : Accipiter
Product Description

Long Endurance : 2.5~3hr

Max payload : 3kgs

With RTK/PPK technique : NO NEED of GCPs

Photo area(AGL 500m) : 30sq-km

Product Introduction

Long Endurance

Wingspan 3.0 m (9.84 ft)
Weight 13~16 kg
Ceiling Altitude 5000 m (1640 ft) (AMSL)
Cruising speed 87-125 km/hr (47-68 knot)
Material Carbon fiber & honey comb structure, VARTM processing technology
Weather Beaufort wind scale up to 8, Drizzle (Light Rain)
Take off Auto-Launch Catapult
Landing Parachute
Propulsion 2500W Brushless Motor, Pusher configuration
Frequency 900MHz or 2.4GHz, up to 1.2Mbps, Spread Spectrum, User-adjustable from 100mW-1W (maximum allowable) transmit power
Ground Equipment Radio signal control (Controlling Box + Panel Antenna) ,Backup Battery, Notebook
Battery Hi-Capacity Li-Po battery 44.4V 22000mAH (Power Battery),4500mAH (Avionics Battery)
Endurance 2.5-3hr
Camera Sony RX1RⅡ, Lens 35mm Digital Camera or equivalent, 46.7 Mega Pixels
Photo Area(sqKm) 35 sq-km
Height above take off location (AGL) 1000 m
Front Overlap 60-80%
Side Overlap 50-80%
Application Aerial Mapping
Disaster Emergency
Works Supervision
Agricultural Survey
Survey of Vegetation