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Swallow Demonstration in SnowThe President of the US, Mr. Obama, has signed a bill in February regarding to the development of UAS civil application. Some of the major UAS provisions in the FAA bill include: 

• Setting a 30 Sept. 2015 deadline for full integration of UAS into the national airspace

 • Requiring a comprehensive integration plan within nine months

 • Requiring the FAA to create a five-year UAS roadmap (which should be updated annually)

 • Requiring small UAS (under 55lbs) to be allowed to fly within 27 months

 • Requiring six UAS test sites within six months (similar to the language in the already-passed Defense Authorization bill)

 • Requiring small UAS (under 55 lb) be allowed to fly in the U.S. Arctic, 24-hours-a-day, beyond line-of-sight, at an altitude of at least 2,000ft