High precision agriculture and disaster Loss Survey

Scientists know from aerial photography is very useful for field survey, including topography, ecology, environment, forestry, agriculture and other investigations.Due to reduction of arable land, water shortages, deterioration of ecological environment, global climate change and other threats, maintain agricultural sustainable development will be more severe. Currently agricultural land management problems encountered, e.g. production can not reckoning, pest damage ratio is unknown, crop damage after the disaster scenario is unknown, species diversity difficult to manage and can not precisely control the amount of fertilizer that can not effectively do a good job of farmland in farmers' management.


Currently agricultural losses caused by disasters. Farmers must mention the damage to their own data, and then the field after review by the government. In terms of current land survey, to obtain the same information may need to spend a lot of manpower and time.



To provide comprehensive, cost-effective management and precision agriculture solutions for disaster damage investigation, no need to take off the runway in the open air UAV autonomous launch, according to plan aerial route high-resolution multi-spectral aerial autonomous control, automatic return after completion of the task landed safely . A high-resolution multi-spectral imaging and digital quantitative information, a large area of agricultural land image stitching geometric correction, spectral calibration and the establishment of high-resolution UAV aerial agricultural land survey Interpretable mode to construct high efficiency, high safety, high maneuvering precision agriculture survey GIS system innovation of the building of integrated systems. The system comprising:

  1. Precision Agriculture survey with UAS
  2. High-resolution multi-spectral aerial image
  3. Mosaic image and multi-spectral correction
  4. GIS data
  5. Aerial survey of crop


  1. Resolution 2 to 15 cm
  2. Aerial area of 200 to 1000 hectares
  3. High-resolution multi-spectral crops GIS map data Construction
  4. Multi-mode flight planning, integration of video and other information transmitted
  5. Crop area, disaster losses Interpretable exploration program