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Mobile-power-supply     power supply
• MPS-500 can supply quiet power for frontier sentry post to make the important communication equipments, lighting and instruments work properly and provide hot drink and food for the army. Folding solar panel can charge to built-in battery if necessary.
For Example:The continuous using time for the fuly charged built-in battery to user the following electrical equipment till power off as below:
number Electrical equipment Continuous using time(Hours) Remark
1 Dual core laptop 20  
2 Desk top computer 6~7  
3 liquid crystal display TV

4 180 watt Refrigerator 12 Unstable operation

10 watt LED Lights

6 72W LED Lighting lamp 6~7  
7 880ml electric kettle 0.3 Still slightly raw power can be supplied in the boiling water
8 Desktop Fan 3~5  
9 Camera 12  
10 350 watt Dennabe 0.5 Still slightly raw power can be supplied after 0.5 kilograms of rice steamed