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Launch Rack
Product Name : Launch Rack
Product Description

Folded Launch Rack Assembly

Bungee Cord Set

Rubber Hammer

Portable Force Gauge(40KG)

Weight Foldable Launch Rack:3.50 kg (7.70 lb)
Bungee Cord:1.70 kg (3.74 lb)
Dimension Folded Launch Rack:80 x 49 x 10 cm (2.62 x 1.61 x 0.33 ft)
Equipment Case:110 x 69 x 13 cm (3.61 x 2.26 x 0.43 ft)
Material Aluminium Alloy & Stainless
Propeller Diameter
11 in
Pulling Force
20 kg (Bungee Cord)
Airplane Length
60 cm (Airplane Rear Section Length - CG to Rear End)
Launch Angle 13°
Setup Time 3 min.
Optional ( 1 ) Folded Launch Rack Assembly
( 2 ) Bungee Cord Set
( 3 ) Rubber Hammer
( 4 ) Portable Force Gauge ( 40kg )

Launch Rack

Specifically designed to launch small unmanned aerial vehicle, and is applicable to radio controlled airplane. Launch rack can be folded into a flat rectangular shape, minimizing the size and it can be stored or transported easily.


In production & patent pending