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Avian-P can be applied to disaster monitoring, construction monitoring, forest monitoring, border security, urban planning, crop monitoring, precision agriculture and etc.

Avian UAV can be operated by single personal. Pre-flight system check is conducted to examine the status of the Avian UAV. Avian UAV is assisted-launch by using elastic bungee rope or catapult launcher and will climb to the desired altitude by circling around the pre-set point. Then it will proceed to the pre-planned mission assisted by GPS navigation. Once Avian UAV completed the mission, it will fly back to the pre-set point and perform automatic landing. Opening of parachute will be engaged when Avian UAV reach the landing point.

The maximum flight endurance is 90 minutes, with the cruise speed range of around 18m/s (35 kt). The maximum climbing rate is 2m/s with the operating ceiling of around 2000m (6000 ft). The maximum take-off weight is 4.6kgs.

There is an automatic landing feature provided by Ranging from Aerial photography, mapping, surveillance, monitoring and etc. 

Avian-P implements a smart flight control strategy. Able to perform the tracking of flight strip / flight path which will optimize the activity of aerial photography. The tracking performance will depend on the magnitude and direction of the wind. Moreover, the autopilot system provides the stability of the Avian UAV by regulating the variation of attitudes within a small boundary which contribute to a better quality of image.